3 Point Spa

& Beauty Salon


DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  (90 minutes) - Rp 180,,000

This massage is effective for people who are blocked by (chronic) tension. This technique works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue using slower, firmer strokes and pressure to improve the blood supply so harmony is restored.

BALINESE MASSAGE (60 minutes) - Rp 100,000

This is a relaxing traditional massage from head to toe using a combination of stretching, Swedish, Balinese, Shiatsu and acupressure. It balances your body, mind and soul.

HAWAIAN LOMI-LOMI (60 minutes) - Rp 100,000

This massage a unique, flaving, vibrant and relaxing full body massage that use palm, forearm and elbow in long fluid to reunites body and mind with spirit.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (60 minutes) - Rp 120,000

This massage use various kind of topical essential oil to further support, benefit of this therapy by enabling targeted aromatic and topical relief.

SHIATSU (60 minutes) - Rp 120,000

Dry fingers pressure to stimulate the body inherent ability to heal itself  (no oil)

HEALING MASSAGE (60 minutes) - Rp 200,000

This healing using special oil and specific to the person who has a problem or injury on their body. (by request)

AYURVEDIC SHIRODHARA (90 minutes) - Rp 300,000

This healing help to soothe your mind and body by pouring the warm oil on the third eye and flow to the scalp & hair creating a blissful sensation, we start with aromatic floral foot bath and ending with hair wash.

COCODO MASSAGE  (60 minutes) - Rp 100,000

This is a gentle massage using Swedish techniques and very gentle pressure. Recommended for children and sunburned skin.

HOT STONE MASSAGE (90 minutes ) - Rp 180,000

Smooth heated volcanic stones are applied to the body in a pattern that restores and renews the muscles of the body and soothes  the mind. This treatment is recommended for people who have back problems, colds and rheumatic pains. The steam of the stones opens the blocked areas and improves the blood supply.

FOUR HANDS MASSAGE (60 minutes) - Rp 200,000

A very relaxing massage with 2 therapists work together, it's combines of Swedish Massage, Hawaiian Loni-Loni, Balinese Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Aromatherapy Massage with synchronized movements.

COMPRESSED HERBAL MASSAGE (75 minutes) - Rp 180,000

Traditional healing using herbal steam which focus on tension points with gentle and firm strokes to reduce tension in sore muscles. The herbal steam keeps your body warm.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE  (30 minutes) - Rp 60,000

This massage focuses on the back, head, neck and shoulder using Lomi-Lomi techniques, thumb pressing, flapping and palm pressure.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY  (60 minutes)   Rp 100,000

This massage focuses on the reflex points on your feet which are connected to various areas of your body. This technique helps to create a balanced energy and improve the blood circulation.

BODY SCRUB (90 minutes) -  Rp 180,000                                             

A traditional Balinese ritual using finely ground rice powder, nutmeg, green tea extract and jasmine oil followed by a yogurt rub down to restore the PH balance of your skin, making it smooth and soft. It will start with the back and continue on to a head and shoulder massage to improve your blood supply.

(There is a choice of Green Tea, Chocolate, or Jasmine oil)

EAR CANDLE (30 minutes) - Rp 70,000

Alternative medicine practice claimed to improve well being. We provide massage on your neck, head and shoulder.

SPA SAMPLER (90 minutes) - Rp 140,000

This is combination of 60 minutes of Balinese massage, followed by a 30 minute foot massage to relax your body and re-balance your energy

ENTICE (120 minutes) - Rp 200,000

This is a combination of  60 minutes Balinese massage continued with a 30 minute foot massage and ending with a 30 minute refreshing facial. It's more than simply relaxing…


3 Point I located in Ubud, Bali, on Monkey Forest street. Just behind the Mini Mart Circle K, on the left side if you are came from down Monkey Forest.

3 point II located in Ubud, Bali, on Monkey Forest street. Just after Anumana Hotel opposite side ( on the left side if you are came from the forest ) 300 meter if you came from Coco Supermarket on the right side.






Phone +62-81 337 252 531 OR +62-81 338 637 548

We are opened 7 days per week, from 9 am to 10 pm.